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Rute Almeida

Rute C. Almeida
Sales Director

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The best of inbound marketing for your company

Transform your website into a major lead generation and sales channel.


Get to the top of Google™'s search results and increase your website's visits!


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What will your company get with a digital marketing strategy?

Qualified Leads, new Customers and more revenue

In just 1 year of digital marketing, our client increased revenue by 56%
Within 2 years we hit 160% growth! After 4 years together, we had helped them achieve an improvement of 187%!

More customers. New customers. Better customers.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Learn more from the companies that changed their business with our Digital Marketing Solutions (such as AdWords, SEO, Copywriting and Inbound Marketing)

Cirurgia Vascular

Aesthetic and health clinic

In just 2 years the website went from 0 to 203,000 visitors, all highly segmented according to the target audience profile.


Integrated management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste

In less than 12 months weve put 50 keywords on the first page of Google and this continues to rise.

Clínica dos Ossos

Medical Clinic

We've put close to 2,300 keywords in Google’s top 10 in just 8 months, getting more than 7,400 monthly visits.


Company specialized in Integrated management solutions

In 2 years, this company went from receiving 72 qualified contacts through their website to 305.


Online shop of party and magic supplies

The online shop went from having 581 sales in 2013 to 10,176 in 2017.

Made2Web client testimonials

In just 1 month, Clinica Liberty tripled their organic website visits, increasing the number of new patients up to 100.

More than 250 customers trust Made2Web

With successful digital strategies supported in Websites, Copywriting, SEO, AdWords Campaigns, Email Marketing or Inbound Marketing

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Increase your conversion rate through Digital Marketing

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Rute Almeida

Join the success of our 250 clients. Exponentially increase your leads and acquire new customers. All with digital marketing!

Rute C.Almeida
Made2Web, Sales Director

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