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"It's really worth it! Very practical and objective training, fully outlined to ensure results."

Lorenzza Fernandes - CEO - Sanzza Web Design, LDA

"Let me tell you that I liked the course and it's simple and direct way of explaining everything. I've done several trainings and I guarantee that I learned more in this one than any other. " 's simple and direct way of explaining everything. I've done several trainings and I guarantee that I learned more in this one than any other."

Filipa Marçal Grilo - Entertainment Brand Coordinator - Impresa Group

"This course has given me access to a set of knowledge and work tools that I have decided to adopt and will become part of my professional life. It allowed me to reposition our digital marketing content and its relevance, and also to realize the fundamental interest of programming and its interconnection with digital advertising costs."

Rosália Pedrosa - Manager - Clínica Liberty

"It was a privilege for me to attend this training, which I thought was very structured and focused. Thanks."

- Director of Communications and Brand - Caixa Geral de Depósitos

"The training exceeded my expectations. I recommend it for those of you who want to understand the relevance and practical applications of digital content marketing. Excellent course, excellent training"

Susana Mateus - Toyota Caetano Portugal

This training is very practical. I learned a lot about Google Marketing, something that will really help me structure and enhance the process of lead generation through the company's website. Congratulations for the initiative's website. Congratulations for the initiative

Frederico Feitor - Luis Simões Group

"A very useful course that far exceeded my expectations. Very thorough and with valuable and free tools. Congratulations"

Ana Menano - Keller Williams

"This training proved to be a great asset to our project of increasing the digital visibility of Caritas Portugal, through online tools and best practices"

Márcia Carvalho - Cáritas Portugal

"I found the course to be excellent and the support to be very intelligent, whether through questionnaires, videos, group exercises or case studies, which required us to develop in all the addressed areas without getting tired or losing the attention of the trainees. Continue the good work!"

João Coelho - Puratos

"In 14 hours of training I learned more about digital marketing than in three years of grad school. Many thanks to Rute for the excellent professionalism and the relevant and structured content."

Mariana Amaro

"Excellent training, based on rapidly deployable concepts for everyday situations and focused on practical examples from the Chamber of Commerce"

Andreia Jotta - Marketing Director - CCIP

"It was a privilege to attend the training with Rute Almeida from Made2Web about digital marketing. I received the tools and ability to move forward with new projects. Many thanks for the opportunity."

- Donauer Solar Systems

"Your coaching session was a ramp up to take further action on our website and our attitude towards Google."

- OralPlan

"Fortunately, I was one of those who was able to be present, and I took away a totally different idea of the importance of our website and, above all, how make it more effective at getting sales for our company"

Luís Amorim - Fermabe

"Benebike benefited greatly from the topics discussed. The cases demonstrated were very positive as were the audience interactions and the documents provided at the beginning of the lecture."

Renato Silva - Benebike

"For me as a manager, Made2Web’s training was extremely important given the practical training and the amount of documents received. I also want to stress that the quality of the training, in addition to being expertly communicated, came from having a solid knowledge in the field combined with extensive experience in developing digital marketing strategies. Thank you Rute for helping with my development as a person and manager."

- RSSinfor

"I enjoyed the training and I felt certain that you actually want me to produce much better content. I found the themes and examples to be well chosen (...) knowing what the course is worth, I think it's very cheap."'s very cheap."

Francisco dos Santos - Managing Director - Activewhere

"This training has been and will be very useful for our company’s digital marketing strategy. I would like to have other sessions in the future to swap experiences and doubts. Congratulations to Rute for your attitude, knowledge and dynamism. When you do what you love, it shows."

Raul Santos Silva - RSS Lda

"I liked the way the contents were addressed and the vision presented was very interesting. I especially liked the case studies at the end of each panel, which helped me understand and contextualize the content. The way Rute tried to use each student’s actual projects helped us understand what we can improve."

Luís Duarte Sousa - Web Dreams

"I really liked the training and we got lots of important content for people already in digital marketing areas and for people who want to get more visibility for their websites."

Francisco Inácio

"Dear Rute, thank you for all your dedication. It is very attentive of you to complement the training with supporting materials which have helped us focus rapidly on the various training subjects and encouraged us to put into practice what we learned. Once again, thank you so much!"

Patrícia Aguiar - Businesswoman

"I attended your training session at CCIP Open Day and I must admit that I was very impressed with it. Congratulations! I’m looking forward to work with you. It will be great for both of us. Best regards, António"

António J. Almeida


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