We let our clients speak for us

"Estamos muito satisfeitos com o resultado final, o site está muito bonito e reflete a nossa identidade e posicionamento. Quero agradecer a toda a equipa da Made2Web que nos acompanhou neste loooongo caminho e que conseguiu sempre encontrar soluções para que os nossos pedidos fossem correspondidos da melhor forma. Agora estamos ansiosos por implementar a estratégia de Marketing Digital! Contamos convosco!"

Liliana Rosa - Dir. Comercial e Marketing - Revista Líder

"A resposta da Made2web foi imediata e com ideias que promovem a eficácia. Com uma equipa bem integrada e tecnicamente eficiente souberam matricialmente ganhar tempo sem perder de vista os objetivos que pretendíamos. Recomendo!"

Ricardo Hermenegildo - CEO - Boost360

"Posso dizer que o novo website da Caminhos da Infância está mesmo, mesmo giro! Apetece mesmo partilhar. E acho que vai ser uma grande mais valia. A equipa é fantástica e esclarecedora!"

Inês Poeiras - Diretora - Caminhos da Infância

"I see a modern Galileu! Our new website is on the web. Any arrangement, modification or adjustment that may be necessary is a "small coffee" near the joy of seeing the new image. Congratulations to all of you."

Túlio Machado - Operations Manager - Grupo Galileu

"Made2Web was the ideal partner to create the websites for our company`s brands. A Casa da Fruta knew exactly what we wanted to communicate and Made2Web knew how to do it, going above and beyond! This team created responsive, optimized and personalized websites for each of our brands. We knew what we wanted and Made2Web knew how to make it happen. In addition to being competent professionals, they know how to train the client and are always available to clarify all doubts or provide techinical support, as true partners. Keep up the excelent work!"

Liliana Pinto - Brand Manager - A Casa da Fruta

"Made2Web is a trusted partner for the comprehensiveness and quality of their Digital Promotion and Inbound Marketing solutions."

Luís Perdigão - Director of Marketing - Real Vida Seguros

"The relationship that ECODEAL has with Made2Web is based on cooperation, availability, initiative and professionalism. Congratulations to the Made2Web team for being dynamic, proactive and always focused on the client. Thank you"

Teresa Neves - Sales Manager - Ecodeal

"I appreciate your commitment, which was very important in reaching the end of this process; It seems to me that we got a very attractive product, which we will now develop and improve. Best Wishes."

Prof. Dr. Carlos Reis - Faculty of Literature at the University of Coimbra

"When I contacted Made2Web, it was for an unusual situation as I had tried to develop the website myself and I had come across a number of problems that completely overwhelmed me. I had to admit I needed help... and so our partnership began. EXIB dealt with the website design & animation, and Made2Web tried to make everything work! But they went beyond that, with tips and suggestions for improvements. I have enjoyed working with Paulo because he was very objective whenever there was a new challenge and never looked for the easy way out... I could see that you all like to leave the job done right. For all this I thank you for your help and professionalism. Thank you!"

Rui Ferreira

"Congratulations on your excellent work. Rute, I forgot to tell you that the background music for the drop-down film was very well chosen; awesome! However, let me tell you that I have more ideas to further improve the site. In short time!"

Carlos Magro - Director

"Made2Grow’s portfolio immediately increased the personal contact and exposure of our ideas for achieving a solution for our website. Made2Grow was exemplary in taking onboard the principles of an entity like ours - non-profit - and presented us with an irresistible project, we saw excellent overall end results, through demonstrable openness, competence and applied security. For the quality presented at the end, thank you so much!"

Dr. Agostinho Pires da Cruz

"Welead is an Online Marketing Company, dedicated to generating business opportunities (leads) for potential customers interested in a particular product or service. The concept was designed to win and the website was created to innovate. It was therefore important to have the support of Made2Web to design and develop a simple and attractive website that went towards the philosophy and mission of our company. It was an extremely quick and efficient creative process, which without doubt succeeded and shows our customers the true potential of our company. Thank you to the team at Made2Web, with whom we will surely continue to cooperate."

Nuno Lourenço - Managing Director - Welead

"Marketing FutureCast Lab ( is the only European laboratory researching new marketing trends while still being part of a high school (ISCTE-IUL) and yet still working in partnership with major companies, by giving them the tools and arguments to improve their competitive positioning in an increasingly complex and demanding market. The choice of Made2Web for programming and development came from their demonstrated ability in previous projects and, above all, the personalized service they offer customers. Basically, a company that follows exactly what the research of Marketing FutureCast Lab advises!"

Frederico Valarinho

" is a national website that gives its potential customers ways to save money without any cost or loss of time. Among the various products that we promote are banking products (ranging from bank deposits, loans, car loans, personal credit, consolidated credit and others). The insurance area covers life insurance (life insurance, travel, personal accidents, health plans). We chose Made2Web to develop our ValorOK project because of their demonstrated capacity in previous projects to achieve our objectives efficiently and effectively. Made2Web has been a key partner with WeLead (owner of the ValorOK brand) in the sustained growth of our company. We want Made2Web to continue to be our preferred partner in all web programming areas. Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Nuno Lourenço

"Monte do Ramalho was created in 2011 with a mission to provide the best and most peaceful rural tourism experiences for our guests. We know that Portuguese rural tourism customers have very discerning tastes and very informed opinions, and therefore a captivating image and a welcoming message is essential. The role of Made2Web in promoting our business ( was fundamental and a key pillar in our communication strategy. Thank you Made2Web!"

Manuel Pina - General Manager - Monte do Ramalho

"Active in the Lisbon area, Casa de Crédito Popular, SA, started in 1997 as a specialist in loans of silver and jewels, with top quality and unique operational service. Our market approach is based on strong customer orientation, always seeking a differentiated approach to each situation. We support the growth of our business through highly qualified teams, solid management skills, and having a strong focus on technology and information systems, where Made2Web has played a key role in the professional promotion of our brand. Thank you Made2Web for your professionalism."

Sílvia Portela - ARQUIURB. - Arquitectura e Urbanismo, Lda.

"Active in the Lisbon area, Casa de Crédito Popular, SA, started in 1997 as a specialist in loans of silver and jewels, with top quality and unique operational service. Our market approach is based on strong customer orientation, always seeking a differentiated approach to each situation. We support the growth of our business through highly qualified teams, solid management skills, and having a strong focus on technology and information systems, where Made2Web has played a key role in the professional promotion of our brand. Thank you Made2Web for your professionalism."

Paulo Paixão - General Director - Casa de Crédito Popular, SA

"Jardim Verde is a food supplement and natural product online store. We were very pleased with the work done by Made2Grow. The availability, capacity and kindness of the people involved in the project has been excellent."

Bruno Nicolau

"I want to thank the whole team who worked on the new Jardim Verde website for their good performance and excellent end results."

Alexandre Silva - Jardim Verde

"The best way to describe Made2Web and all their team is that they have competency at the highest level. The work is carried out at an excellent pace and there is a dedication that you do not see anywhere else in this country from companies in this area. Made2Web is always available even on holidays. We could not have been more satisfied with the end result of the store. They solved all the technical problems that we had. Made2Web has a great deal of knowledge, professionalism, intelligence and above all, dedication."

Jorge Almeida

"Choosing MADE2GROW proved to be a pleasant surprise because although most of the activity has been carried out online, we managed to get the website within the desired timetable and according to our expectations. I would say that this company differs from others by a high degree of professionalism and great flexibility to adapt to the requirements of the end customer. Best regards."

Filipe Mateus

"Our involvement with made2grow was a happy one. After defining the objectives, the made2grow team developed our website in a very intelligent and imaginative way, reaching an end point that matched up with the initial objectives set: a website with an attractive and functional design, despite the required complexity, because it is an online store with over 6,000 products. We are therefore very pleased with the work of made2grow who proved to be an indispensable partner for the continuity and sustainability of our business."

Francisco Piedade Vaz

"Made2Grow is the most important business partner of our company. Their employees were constantly available. During the occasionally difficult times, the answers are brief and effective."

Nuno Silva

"The solution Made2Web had for our needs was to create a web page in an extremely short time. This was only possible because of their high levels of professionalism, creativity and ability to understand, respond and provide solutions to our requests."

Sérgio Paiva - Hotel Monte dos Burgos

"I want to stress the availability and care that Made2Grow gave and gives Natiris. Their answers dealt with our challenges."

Bruno Nicolau

"We highlight their availability, unconditional support and intuitive platform. We are very pleased with the end result, because we were very demanding. Their involvement in this project exceeded our expectations. Our thanks to Made2Grow for having collaborated excellently in the construction of our website."

Manuel Alves - Logical Store

"After a large search for a simple and dynamic solution for an online shoe store, Made2Web conceived a website that met our expectations with the utmost professionalism and rigor. We now have a versatile online footwear shop in Portugal which allows customers to conveniently order a substantial variety of ceremony shoes, party shoes, leather shoes, wedding sandals, fur boots and other types of shoe. online store’s mission was to lead all women to the best shoes in terms of quality, price, originality and safety. This would not have been possible without the major contribution from Made2Web."

Vanda Fernandes - Maria Sapato

"The project to develop a website for the Flytime school of paragliding was a challenge that, in partnership with Made2Web, was sorted in record time. This new website has allowed us to communicate our extensive experience in training new pilots, competition pilots and high-yield pilots much more effectively. We instilled in this website 3 of our inherent values which were also shared by Made2Web throughout the execution of it: professionalism, creativity & innovation, and efficiency. We appreciated this partnership and hope that the market likes our website as much as we do."

Eduardo Lagoa - Flytime School

"The project to make a website for AIDHUM Association’s 1Euro Movement was a memorable challenge for everyone who had participated in it over the last 2 years. Developed pro-bono by Made2Web with dedication and professionalism, this new website allows us to communicate our civic movement much more effectively to help us unite, organize and mobilize the will of civil society in order to address certain weaknesses in the country in several areas, like the economy, health, environment, culture and education. With this new online project, we have managed to stand out even more by having a platform from which we can gather the financial support of associates (1 Euro per month for each member) to support certain charitable causes chosen and voted on by all members. Made2Web’s generosity and tireless dedication has allowed us to underline our motto, that we believe in: with little, together we can do so much more. Made2Web integrated into the design of the project values that we share: solidarity, professionalism, transparency, dedication and efficiency. We believe that our website conveys these values. AIDHUM welcomes this partnership and hope that the website is seen by the general public as it is now seen by the institutions and associates that currently support it."

Bernardo Teixeira Motta - 1 Euro Movement

"In a responsible and dynamic way, values which are unfortunately scarce in Portuguese companies, Made2Web gave voice to the ideas of our architecture studio by presenting different solutions for each problem. We wanted a website to present our projects for single-family houses, collective housing buildings, restoration and building rehabilitation, interior architectural and urban development, among others. Our objectives were clearly met, having achieved an integrated and pleasing result. Additionally, free training on the full operation of the website gave us autonomy in the management of content."

Ricardo Lopes - Sousa Lopes Arquitectos

"Our company has a passion for a timeless piece synonymous with femininity and glamor: the dress. Our thank you to Made2Web, who worked with rigor and professionalism, so that we can transmit this passion through our store, where we sell an affordable range of dresses with varied styles and colors, and where all women are sure to find the right dress for them!"

Vanda Fernandes - Musa Vestidos

"Simplicity is harder to attain than we imagine. MADE2GROW facilitated this process, demonstrating entrepreneurship and expertise in the implementation of our ideas for the development of the new website for the Welfare osteopathy clinic. Your collaboration resulted in better images and was full of dynamism and future-orientation. An immense thank you to everyone."

Jorge Nunes - Manager

"It is no longer important to justify or explain the importance of having a good corporate image on the internet... surely we all well aware of this new reality. In the case of Live it Well events, a company specialized in event planning, this aspect is vital. Finding a company like Made2Web, where creativity and friendliness are day-to-day mantras, was extremely important for us. Similarly, we needed our “net” needs to be resolved in a professional manner and with the necessary speed. I confess that we are not an easy customer as our needs are always for "yesterday," yet Made2Web always responded promptly and with a graphical solution framed by the objectives of our company. Made2Web is a keeper in Live it Well events. Thank you for all your cooperation."

Rui Braga - Administrator

"MADE2GROW was instrumental in the development and maintenance of my scientific project EDTL: E-Dictionary of Literary Terms, which involves a complex database and the interactive collaboration of more than 170 Brazilian and Portuguese teachers. This project was only possible due to enormous technological advances, a new site, and because MADE2GROW demonstrated equal levels of professionalism in the conception, design and implementation of the database. They were always available for questions and technical explanations and always available to solve problems. MADE2GROW proved to be an exemplary company to keep up with scientific projects like this and help their development."

Carlos Ceia - Professor - Universidade Nova de Lisboa

"Made2Web lived up to my expectations, both in the design of the website and in its functionality. They always showed great willingness and flexibility when discussing points of view and changes. We can say that we were quite satisfied with services provided and we have nothing negative to say."

Carla Costa - Recreational Union of Dafundo

"For "operational/technical" reasons, we had to change everything in our existing website platform. Made2grow, with whom we were already customers, showed us once again the power and speed required to transfer us to a more user-friendly and operational new site, which was an indisputable asset for our company. THANK YOU!"

Dr Ivone Mirpuri - Clínica Anti-Aging

"Working with Made2Grow was both a challenge and a pleasure. We turned our website upside down, gave them homework and in return we got dynamism and... results. For this we relied on the expertise and patience of Rute. We were a demanding client, but also compliant, which I think does not always happen. This increased the pressure because our elements delivery pace was overwhelming. Made2Grow garduated with honors. Congratulations."

Ruy Vieira - Managing Partner - Hidroreport

"Made2Web was instrumental during the development of our website! With their know-how, they helped us pursue our ideas; with their sympathy, they were always available for our "whims"; with their professionalism, they always responded quickly and effectively to our requests. We use past tenses now, but we believe it will become a more than perfect future! Good job, Made2Web!"

António Araújo - PROMAN - Studies and projects

"Made2Web has demonstrated a capacity, that we would classify as excellent, to serve our needs with punctuality and commitment. We also want to point out the ability you have to anticipate our needs and contribute to the development of the projects that we execute. We recommend Made2Web to our customers and friends."

João Queiroz de Oliveira - Managing Partner Experience Point Services

"The website development project for the New University of Lisbon Language Institute (ILNOVA) was a widely coveted and successful challenge made in partnership with Made2Web, who came up the project idea for our Institute with dedication and punctuality. This new website has allowed us to communicate our extensive experience specializing in foreign language teaching much more effectively. With this new online project we instilled three of our values, which were also shared by Made2Web throughout the execution of it: professionalism, dedication and efficiency. We appreciate this partnership and only wish our website is seen by the market as it is by our teachers and students today."

Carlos Ceia - Professor - Universidade Nova de Lisboa

"We have reached the goal of having a website that does our company justice. For this we have counted on Made2Web, who undoubtedly ensured the result was better than expected."

F.Maurício Rebelo - CUNHOL, LDA

"MADE2GROW is professional and dynamic, and in the current economy their power and speed of thought were decisive factors in choosing them. Having Made2Grow helped us leverage the right steps for SMILENUMBERS."


"Personal tutoring and the best academic success are the goals of our work, and without a doubt Made2Grow has helped us in our pursuit of these goals. Both professionally and personally, I can only thank all the team who dedicated themselves in making the Castelinhos website and I wish you, from the bottom of my heart, all the success in the world."

Filomena Silva

"Made2Grow impressed a pace in this project that let us beat all the agreed deadlines without neglecting our information and opinions about the development and aesthetic work developed."

Vitor Monteiro

"The Olympic Athletes Commission website was something we were already aware needed some work for getting to the quality we desired. However, the Olympic Week 09 organization brought urgency to this project, which was then delivered with the desired quality in record time. This was only possible due to the availability, flexibility and competence of the Made2Web team. Hugs."

André Pereira

"The Vending-Spot website was a working partnership whose final result surprised me and exceeded my expectations... We were able to create a professional website with a simple and unique design."

Ana Ramos

"Made2Grow's team gave me great support during the construction of Quinta do Falcão’s site, and thanks to the creativity demonstrated, the visibility of our company has increased considerably. Greetings friends!"

Joaquim Pedro Monteiro

"Electrolocal’s website was developed by Made2Web and achieved the brand image we desired. The construction process was not always easy, mainly because of the market product specifications, but we always had the maximum collaboration, cooperation and advice given by professionals from Made2Web. We consider Made2Web as one of the few companies in the sector that puts themselves in the soes of the client, when it comes to providing you with their services. When they created the website, we already had an idea of what to expect, but at the end the result was substantially different (in a positive way)! So we thank Made2Web."

Miguel Rio

"The final work on our website, Amalind, is beautiful and sobering in my opinion. But with regard to the work behind the scenes, the people working for Made2Web, we only have good things to say. They were tireless."

Isabel Magalhães

"We at Edipáginas National Telephone Guide Lda decided to start a partnership with the Made2Web team in early 2009 in order to get some online visibility for our business and it has exceeded our expectations both in the preparation of the website and its reliability, and also with the technical support we have received. Thanks"

Miguel Castro

"We are pleased with the work that Made2Web provided for us in 2008/09 both in terms of the artistic design and content, as well as technical support. Our websites: ITS, SIMAC and Osteopathy in Portugal have received a high level of publicity in regards to the training courses we teach due to their appealing and beautiful design. This feedback has been reinforced by the clients who have come to approach us. Thanks."


"Made2Web’s work was always marked by a high quality & professionalism, and they managed the process efficiently and with good interactions. The end result was highly satisfactory both in terms of the website and in terms of hosting support and email support. Hugs and kisses!"

Tiago Laranjeiro

"We at ASDP always appreciate Made2Web’s good work because of their full availability and friendliness! Your suggestions are always the best when it comes to optimizing our interests! Thank you so much."

Filipa Cornelius da Silva - MFA - Inst. Diplomatic

"For Soares and Mendonça (Agency auctions and assessments, with over 70 years of history and the oldest in the country), Made2Web means Competence, Quality, Speed, Availability & Efficiency. They were able to transform our "site on the internet" into a real website. Thank you for your work."

Paulo Henriques - Soares & Mendonça

"In a highly competitive environment it is imperative to hold a differentiated image. Primopraxis, experts and leaders in intermediation and pharmacies management consulting, took on suggestions from Made2Web which added value to our company by restructuring our website and receiving, in turn, very positive feedback from our valued customers."

Nuno Correia - Primopraxis

"BPS Finance is a company specializing in financing. Our aim is to present our customers with the products, banks and credit institutions services that we have preferential agreements with. In order to be closer to our customers, we decided to invest online and create a website. We quickly chose Made2Grow and the Made2Web service. Not just for the portfolio they presented which reflected our business experience, but also crucially for the speed and quality of response. In a few hours I had received a detailed budget which outlined the whole process and gave me a lot of confidence. After the project I am nothing but satisfied, since I have received very constructive criticism regarding the design of the website and the features that it offers. My original objectives have been met and now my clients are within a short click of BPS Finance."

Nuno Lourenço

"My company selected Made2Web for the implementation of our Rural Tourism website, following an internet search. I am very pleased with their selection because they met our expectations, both because of their professionalism in the execution of the website architecture and for the collaborative approach to the design. Finally, there is an operational rigor worthy of note. Total satisfaction. I recommend."

Alfredo Sá Almeida

"I've been looking at the website in detail and it looks very well done. Congratulations to all involved. Many compliments and Im speechless because I can’t find anything wrong."

Commander Rui Horta - Topmic Turismo Portugal

"Made2Grow has allowed us to take a very important qualitative leap in the way Banco do Bebé presents itself on the web. They immediately understood the needs of Banco do Bebé in terms of the new website and were able to present a very appropriate technical and creative solution. The approach has been very professional but also of enormous generosity. Part of their job is guaranteed as pro-bono, because we are a non-profit institution, but we have not counted on less availability or professionalism. The Made2Web team has given us extraordinary support. Banco do Bebé acknowledges Made2Web for its contribution to our mission to ensure the dignity of the infants and their families."

Clara Cotrim - Banco do Bebé

"We are very satisfied with the work of João Barros as he has been very professional and ready to answer our questions and to make the requested changes. I rate your work as excellent. On Sunday we will have the Open Day in Damaia, and I extend an invitation to Made2Web to attend."

João Rodrigues - Instituto do Judo

"Be-Slim is an innovative 100% online Slimming Clinic, which has allowed hundreds of people to lose weight and gain self-esteem. We are proud to share this victory with Made2Web, without whom this innovative idea could not have been fulfilled. My thank you to an available and dedicated team, who doesn’t pose obstacles but rather provide solutions to the road ahead. Be-Slim's success is ours and yours."

Isabel Mendonça - CEO - be-Slim

"Made2Web is a company made up of an experienced, dedicated and demanding team, full of good spirits. The contracted objectives were executed with professionalism within the agreed deadlines. I recommend."

Miguel Matias -

"This partnership with Made2Web made my dream of having a blog where I could share my passions grow and come true. Thank you Made2Grow and especially Rute, who supported this idea from the beginning. Hello to all of our passionate followers!"

Isabel Angelino

"When I decided to start, with a business partner, a project setting up an insurance mediation partnership, I decided to create an institutional website and an intranet to build bridges with future partners. The choice of the digital agency, which would ensure these developments, was therefore fundamental. Made2web has emerged as the natural choice and today I am very pleased with this decision. They were extraordinary in their availability, and in their patience with me as I was "fine-tuning" my needs. The deadlines were met, and the budget too, and the result was way above my expectations. Great team, great professionalism. Thank you Made2Web."

Carlos Carvalho

"We started our year-long partnership with Made2Web with a focus on effectively disseminating our services. Made2web developed several projects simultaneously with the aim of increasing our online visibility. A new website was developed to bring together our four business areas (Computing, Repairs, Accounting and Training) and another website was dedicated to our electronics laboratory Both have a very appealing design and are very easy to navigate, which not only pleased us but also receives daily praise from our customers. At the same time Made2web developed a web marketing strategy using SEO techniques in order to leverage the content of websites and business pages on social networks. The results have been quite satisfactory, with an increase of about 60% in potential customer contacts over the phone and the submissions of online forms and with about 30 daily contacts via email. The entire Made2web team responded very positively to our requests allowing us to tailor the service to our needs. Our overall evaluation is very positive and we recommend their products and services to all small and medium companies."

Engº Luís Lousa - Technical Director - Digital Repair

"Made2Web was selected by us to develop our website for Renewable Energy Engineering and Management postgraduates from among a wide range of companies in this area. Their professionalism, dedication and rapid responses to all requests, as well as their full attention in meeting our expectations and needs in the development of the website were absolutely insurmountable. Made2web, and especially Rute Almeida, deserve my recommendation to anyone wanting to develop web and digital marketing projects."

Jorge Sousa - President - ADESPA

"Thank you for everything and I wish you a merry christmas and a successful 2015 for yourself and the entire Made2Web team, on my behalf and on behalf of our President, Dr. Borges de Sousa. You are a successful partner. Thank you for your patience. Greetings."

Ricardo - ITS

"I have no doubt that you are to be congratulated. We have always recognized your potential. Rui, Rute, Ricardo, Filipe, Paulo, André, Ana, etc… you are the "Dream Team". We are very pleased with the results achieved by your work."

Miguel Matias -

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