How do you get more customers with Google™ Ads?

Google™ Ads advertising, the old Google™ AdWords, is increasingly effective

  • You reach online visibility for your targeted keywords in less than 24 hours;
  • Your website appears in the first Google™ positions;
  • You get a lot more visits from your target audience;
  • You only pay for the ads if users actually click on them.

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Why should you advertise on the internet?

These are the Google™ statistics that affect your company

97 %

of consumers use Google™ to research and shop online every day.

50 %

of consumers purchase after searching online.

27 %

of consumers research online, check the product in a physical store and then buy it online.

25 %

of consumers purchase products or services through Google™ ads.

Source Google™ 2015


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AdWords is ideal

Google™ ad campaigns are highly effective at segmenting your target audience while giving you complete control over your budget. Invest now!


We have a €120 voucher waiting for you. Claim it!

What time of the day should you advertise on Google™ Ads?

Discover your consumers’ habits and make an informed decision


06:30 a.m. - 09:30 a.m.

I check the news via smartphone, Visit my social networks, click on relevant advertising. If I liked the advertised product/service I open the website and save it for later.

09:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

I check my emails on desktop, I access websites via relevant newsletters received. If I like some product/service, I open the website and leave it open for later or send it to my personal email.

12 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Advertise on news websites that people read on their desktops and if they like the content, they’ll check out your page or subscribe with their personal email.

3:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

I use my computer to access my emails, browse websites and consult newsletters. If I like any product/service I open the website and save it for later. or I forward to my personal email.

5:30 p.m. - 00:00 a.m.

I browser through my smatphone/tablet to check my socal media updates, emails and the websites I saved all day to shop for my favorite items.

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Do you know how much to invest in Google™ Ads?

There is no default amount for investing in a Google™ campaign but there are several factors to consider

If you know how to properly set your budget then you can make sure your Google Ads™ ads will turn into a very lucrative investment. Think in terms of:

Quality and structure of
your campaign and ads

Website technical quality

Competition levels
in your traget market

Customer acquisition costs
in your industry

Business expectations and desired results

Depending on your industry, the amount you should invest in Google Ads™ campaigns every month could be unlimited. Since the amount invested will directly translate into more business success, through increased sales or contacts, there is no maximum or minimum recommended investment.


We have a €120 voucher waiting for you. Claim it!

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Luís Perdigão, Director of Marketing

Real Vida Seguros


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Rosália Pedrosa, Manager

Clínicas Liberty Portugal


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Dora Loureiro



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João Branco



"I have no doubt that you are to be congratulated. We have always recognized your potential. Rui, Rute, Ricardo, Filipe, Paulo, André, Ana, etc… you are the "Dream Team". We are very pleased with the results achieved by your work."

Miguel Matias


"We have worked together for a couple of years now and have had always excellent experiences with all their services, from developing an online store, to the digital marketing services we hired. Always pro-active in terms of new developments, they solve many of our problems and, in the end, the sales show a job well done. We strongly recommend this company for everything digital-related."

Luís Coutinho

Lifenatura - Online Natural Products Store


"We tried SEO before but never really saw the practical results. We then decided to accepts Made2Web's proposal to try again, but without being too excited. And time was the charm! Our website reached 3.000 new people and the visibility increased in 180% in just 4 months. The interesting fact is that this visibility reflected in a real sales boost. Thank you Made2Web's team!"

Alexandra Vasconcelos

Clínicas Viver


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Isabel Mendonça, CEO



"When Made2Web sugested an SEO strategy to improve the visibility of our website, I accepted it, without understanding exactly what it was, because I trust them. The truth is that in 5 months Made2Web’s digital strategy had increased the visibility of my Hormonal Modulation clinic and anti-aging medicine in Google by 56%. We jumped from about 5,000 visitors per month to more than 8,000! This is a huge increase. This SEO program allowed more users to find our clinic and services through the web, which was reflected in an increase in our work. Thank you Made2Web!"

Dra. Ivone Mirpuri

Clínica Anti-Aging

    Imagine you have an online store and want to increase sales

    If you decided to invest €500 for 30 days in Google™ Ads, this happens:

    online store
    online store

    1,700 new people visit your website (for €0.30 per click)

    online store

    85 new purchases are completed (5 out of every 100 users buy something)

    online store

    €40 per order on average is spent by each customer

    online store

    €3,400 in extra revenue means that, with a margin of 30% and an original Google™ Ads investment of €500, you make a net profit of €520


    If your Google™ Ads ads are going offline for a few hours a day to help you stay on budget

    Then you should increase your budget gradually and watch users who never saw the original ad make purchases

    If your campaign does not exhaust your daily budget

    Then your business is probably in a niche or local market in which case you could even scale back your spending.

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