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Google™ Display ads reach over 6.6 million people in Portugal

89 %

More than 89% of people using Google™ have access to Google™ Display Network ads


Google™ Display ads appear in Gmail™ - which has a billion active users


Google™ Display ads come in 3 different kinds, are very flexible and are suitable for any device

(Sources: Google, 2015, ComScore, Q1, 2015, Techcrunch, 2015)

What are Google™ Display Ads?

Learn the basics of this type of digital campaigns

They are text, graphic, or video ads that appear on the Google™ Display Network, which consists of Google™ owned websites (Youtube, Blogger), as well as partner websites.

These ads appear to users who fall into a defined group. The main purpose of these campaigns is to deliver a more visual and more frequent message to your target audience.

The Display Network uses a variety of ad types and formats to drive more visitors to advertisers, and also employs various targeting methods for both the audiences you want, and for the sites or pages where your ads appear.

We choose the target context for your display ads, so that they appear on pages that are relevant to your message.

There are other types of segmentation to explore (topic targeting, manual placement targeting, remarketing) to better optimize your campaign performance.

Imagine you have a flower shop. It may make sense to advertise your products through text, image and video ads in places like:

  • Blogs and forums about flowers, weddings, parties, events, etc;
  • Websites and shops for interior and exterior decoration (non-competitive to yours);
  • Local funeral website;
  • Online stores for chocolates and romantic gifts;
  • Travel agencies;
  • Hotels and tourism websites.


Find out how Google™ manages your investment and ensures results!

There are three possible ways to pay for Google™ Display Ads:

CPC - Cost Per Click

CPC - Cost Per Click

You pay according to the number of people who click on the ad. A click demonstrates an actual user interested in the ad.

CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impressions

CPM - Cost Per Thousand Impressions

You pay for every thousand views of the ad, which doesn’t necessarily imply that the user sees the ad or clicks on it.

CPV - Cost per View

CPV - Cost per View

This applies to video ads and means that you pay for each user who watches the ad for more than 5 seconds.

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