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1 Billion

In Portugal there are over a billion Google™ searches each month

7 Billion

Advertising on Google™ Search reaches more than 7 million people in Portugal alone

65 %

65% of people who click on an ad are looking to buy online

(Sources: Google, 2015; Wordstream, 2016)

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What are Google™ Search ads?

Learn about the main features of Google™ search campaigns

Adwords Search Ads

Also known as “sponsored links”, these are the ads that appear on the first 4 search results when using Google™, and you only pay when a user clicks.

The ads are displayed when the user searches for one of the keywords targeted in your campaign.

This way we can ensure that your ad is only seen by people interested in your product, service or brand.

Imagine that you own an online sports shop and you want to advertise a food supplement. The keywords from your ad must contain:

  • Sport supplements store
  • Food supplements for athletes
  • Buy food supplements for athletes online

Don't be surprised if your keywords are longer than expected. If you use \"food supplement\" as a keyword then you risk your ad being clicked by people who are not athletes and are simply seeking more information about general nutrition.

AdWords Search Ads


With Google™ certified professionals in Google™ Ads

Google™ Ads isn't easy. It combines many factors to decide the placement of the ads in search results:

AdWords Ads

There are lower-positioned ads on Google™ with a higher price per click than those above them.

If you don't want this to happen to you, make sure to:

  • Have a good average position for the ad on Google search results;
  • Use different, attractive and relevant content in your ads.
AdWords Ads

The quality score for an effective Google™ Ad is the relevance of your chosen keywords for your campaign.

Make sure that the keywords relate to:

  • The content of the Google™ Ads;
  • The content of the ad's landing page.
AdWords Ads

Negative keywords allow you to exclude yourself from search results with less relevance to your campaigns.

Identify and excluding these negative keywords can:

  • Increase click through rate;
  • Reduce the average cost per click;
  • Increase your ad position in search results.

Check out the results of our clients

See examples of Google™ Search campaigns developed by Made2Web

Barbecue equipment store

3953 clicks

642 conversions

0,28€ cost per conversion

Barbecue equipment store

Energy certification company

4696 clicks

473 conversions

8,17€ cost per conversion

Energy certification company

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What is a Google™ Ad?

It's a digital advertisement that is only shown to users of the Google network, through their search engine, Youtube or partner websites.

How do you pay for an ad on Google™?

After you have created a Google™ Ads account and selected a payment method, you are charged according to the campaign type chosen. You can pay for clicks, ad views or other available formats.

What is a Google™ Ads Search?

It's a sponsored Google™ search result from an advertiser that you only pay for when clicked.

Where do Google™ Ads Search ads appear?

These paid adverts are placed at the top of Google™ search result pages. If a user searches for a particular keyword in your campaign, your ad appears just below the search field for up to a total of 3 ads, followed later by the organic results.

What is the main difference between a search ad and a display ad?

Search ads are triggered when people search for your keywords but in the Display Network, you are targetting people based on interests and placements. Display Ads are also very focused on images and dynamic formats, while search only shows text-based ads.

What is the ultimate goal of a Google™ Ads campaign?

In our opinion, Google™ Ads campaigns are especially relevant when you want to start promoting a product/service immediately. It’s immensely useful for campaigns, sales and promotions and also fundamental for anyone wanting to rapidly attract a large number of new visitors to their website.

What is the difference between the first and second placed ads on Google™ Ads?

It is never enough to just pay more per keyword to try and get it to the first place. Google™ always aims to ensure a good user experience, and so they try to guarantee the quality of the ads as much as they can. To maximize your placing you need to think about the value of the keyword (auction), but crucially also the quality of the ad (content), the quality of the advert’s destination web page, and also the relationship between the ad and the content of that page. With this holistic approach, we are pleased to say we can put your ad in the first place and reduce the cost per click. The quality of the advert is always our first concern.

Who sets up and manages Google™ Ads?

Having a successful digital campaign on Google™ requires more than just creating phrases for your ads and then linking them to web pages. It is vital that businesses use Google™ Partners and professionals certified on Google™ Ads. There are many factors to consider when optimizing an advertising campaign (price per click, chosen keywords, content generation, campaign optimization, configuration...), so to ensure a positive ROI it’s always best to resort to an Agency like us.

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