Learn how a good analytics tool can support your business

  • Find out everything about your website visitors in real time;
  • Follow your customer's path up to conversion;
  • Evaluate the performance of your website on several devices;
  • Identify the impact of social networks on your objectives.
What is Google™ Analytics for?

7 surprising things analytics can teach you

Google™ Analytics provides the answers to many important digital questions

How do users access your website? Laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones?
Which browsers do they use? Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari?

Which pages do people look at before exiting your website? How many pages do they look at before leaving?

Which pages of your website generate more telephone calls, emails, form fills and orders?

Who are your users? What are their ages, genders, locations, interests and hobbies?

Which of your pages have the most and least visitors? Does that match up with your expectations?

What channels bring users to your website? Social networks, AdWords campaigns, organic searches or newsletters?

How long do users spend on each page of your website? Do they come back a second time?


Configuring Google™ Analytics is no easy task.

Como criar um ID de controlo Google™ Analytics

There are several steps you need to follow to correctly set up this tool.

Even if your website already has Google™ Analytics installed, it still might not be collecting the right information.

What can our Google™ Analytics audit tell you?

The audit allows you to identify any and all aspects of your website that could be misconfigured

Code Implementation

Code Implementation

Verify that code is installed through Google™ Tag manager.

Spam Traffic on Website

Spam Traffic on Website

Filter out SPAM results in your Google™ Analytics

Google™ AdWords

Google™ AdWords

Confirm correct association with Google™ Ads.

Website Visits Tracking

Website Visits Tracking

Make sure all website visits are being properly followed.

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Check for the existence of configured goals (e.g. sales, contact requests, downloads).



Ensure correct e-Commerce monitoring.

Did you know that a badly configured Google™ Analytics can generate incorrect data?

Make sure that your Google™ Analytics data is correct and reliable.

Some examples of errors you might find:

Code duplication on Website

Code duplication on Website

This makes metrics (like the rejection rate) look better than they really are.

Different URLs for a single page

Different URLs for a single page

Data divided over several pages makes traffic look lower than it really is.

Different hosts

Different hosts (example: and

Data separated into different sources leads to inferior data quality.

Our website audit guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the data collected by
your Google™ Analytics.

Find out how to connect your Analytics account to your Webmaster Tools account

How to be successful setting up Google™ Analytics

Watch the video and take another step towards setting up Google™ Analytics. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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