Creating a website that gives solid returns is one of the biggest challenges in digital marketing. Find out why!

40 %

of users abandon your website if it doesn’t load in under 3 seconds.

0,5 s

is the time it takes for users to form an opinion of your website.

88 %

of users won’t come back to your website if they had a bad experience.


Source: Hubspot, 2016


Consider these questions before designing your website

Consider these questions before designing your website

Is your target market
domestic, foreign or both?

Are you trying to attract
men, women or both?

What is the age range of your ideal customer?

Is your ideal customer a
"workaholic" or “leisure-seeker”?

How informed are your prospects?
Are they looking for something specific or just general information?

What kind of content do your users want to see?

Our benchmarking combined with your feedback will allow us to implement simple web design concepts like:

The layout

  • More modern or more classic?
  • Round or geometric shapes?
  • Horizontal or vertical (one page layout)?
  • More organized or more artistic?

Page size and type

  • Pages with too much or too little content?
  • Many pages with lots of content or a few pages with little content?
  • Great topics or dissertations?

Nature of content

  • Informative content or substantially more commercial?
  • Do you intend to inform, seduce or sell?
  • How many steps should users take to convert?
The new web trends that increase sales

The new web trends that

Promise sales

Watch the video and find out!


It is not enough to just have a new website. You need to ensure that the website generates new leads too.

    What is the nature of your business?
  • What is the nature of your business?
  • Are you in the tech sector? Are you providing a service or a product?
  • Are you offering complex, innovative or unique services?
  • What role does your website play in your business development?
  • What results do you want to achieve with your website?
  • Who are your competitors and what kind of online success do they have?

The answers to these questions influence how we design your website to ensure that you get the results you want:

The answers to these questions influence how we design your website to ensure that you get the results you want:

> Website type

Do you need an online store, a portfolio or a simple description of products and services?

> Website focus

Should your products and/or services stand out or be more subtle?

> Desired return to website

Does it make sense to have multiple contact points like forms, chat rooms & pop-ups?

> Website differentiation

Is it better to follow the best practices of your competitors, or do something completely new?


  • What kind of websites do you like?
  • Can you show us model websites?
  • Can I show you some pre-made, clean templates?
  • What are your favorite colors and fonts?
  • Would you prefer more pictures or more texts?
  • Do you want to have animations throughout your website?
  • Do you like HTML 5, Javascript and animated GIFs?
  • Do you want a mobile website?
  • How about Wordpress, Joomla & Magentol?

We will never ask you questions like this for one simple reason. We don’t design websites for you. We design them for your CLIENTS. We choose the best technologies, adapt them to your needs and for the optimal daily management of the website, and because of this we can guarantee that it’s designed perfectly for your target market.

10 tips for creating a website with high user experience and profitability

What should you ask your web development agency before and after making your website?


Make the website “open” before it opens

Check that your agency considers the speed of the website and cache. We want the website to be faster than your own shadow.


Get that love at first “website” feeling

You want your users to fall instantly in love with your design. Forget the homepage, and give the same level of affection to every page of your website.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall.

Make sure that each page of your website is like a mirror image of your digital users’ behavior. When they browse they need to feel comfortable and at home.


Just one click away!

Ask your agency to structure the contents and pages so that the most important things for your customer are always just a simple click away.


All different and all the same!

Your website should be a home away from home for your customer. Strive to create a website that engages your customers so that they come a back again and again. Use dynamism and novelty to differentiate yourself!


Do you want to be my friend?

You only get one chance to make a first impression. Introduce yourself with a credible website that makes like you look influential, dynamic and well informed. You’ll see the benefits of this approach in social media likes and shares.


Scream and shout!

Why invest so much in a website that doesn’t have a buzz? Make sure your users want to share every page of your website and feel GREAT about doing so.


I just called to say I love you.

If your agency does a good job, then your users will want to contact you. Put your contact details everywhere! With email, phone and live chats you have so many options to take advantage of their interest!


The goose that lays golden eggs.

Are you seeing a difference in the only metrics that matters? How many people visited your website, contacted you and actually made a purchase? Where are the statistics of your conversions? Demand Google™ Analytics before it’s too late!


Spy as you can!

If you really want to succeed online then you need to know what people are actually doing on your website. Install software to monitor visitor behavior and adapt to them.


Having a responsive website is no longer enough. You need to invest in mobile

Until recently the future of web design was in responsive websites but we were surprised by website elasticity. "Look! It fits so well on all mobile devices!" was the sound of a happy website owner. Nowadays though, the best thing is to have different versions of your website for desktop and mobile. It is no longer enough to stretch and reduce! Changing times means changing accessibility!

It’s so essential that search engines like Google™ appreciate your investment enough to quickly reward your mobile websites with good rankings in organic mobiles searches.

Did you know that, on average, the exit rate for websites on mobile devices is 2x higher than on desktops? But, at the same time, the use of mobile devices to access websites is increasing exponentially? What should you do?

The behavior of your users changes depending on the device they use to access your website. Mobile users are typically goal-focused, impatient, demanding and greedy. Don't assume that your animations, images and slogans that look good on 21-inch screens will work on a mobile devices too! You should redesign everything from scratch to make it simpler and optimized for contacts and sales.

Believe it will be worth it!

Source: Hubspot, 2016

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Real Vida Seguros

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Filipa Cornelius da Silva

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