Reach your Marketing Goals in just 24 hours withe Google Ads

Count on the best Google Ads (former Google AdWords) campaigns to get more customers in a short period of time.

What can you expect from our Google Ads expert Agency?

Integrated Strategies

In creating a new Google Ads strategy, we will audit all previous actions and other traffic channels such as organic and social. Our goal is to be able to generate a lower cost per lead compared to your competition.

Certified Team

We are experienced in all different kinds of Google Ads campaigns (Search, Display, Shopping, Video and APPs) and use them to reach your digital marketing goals or to remarket to specific target audiences in your strategy.

Campaign Optimization

We analyse the campaign's performance daily so that we can optimize the performance of your ads and achieve positive results. In addition, we track the user's behaviour so that we can improve the landing page experience.

Updated Best Practices

Every year, Google releases new updates and it is essential to keep up with the updates. At Made2Web, we are always on top of any new Google Ads features so that we can offer your company 100% optimised ads.

Transparent Results

Each month, we combine the results from Google Ads and Google Analytics with other behaviour analysis tools that we use to monitor the users on the landing page. This way we can clearly see the campaign's evolution and how we can optimise the strategy.

Brands that reached their goals with Google Ads campaigns

We are a certified Google Partner Agency


Results from our Google Ads strategies

Real Vida Seguros

With the campaign and landing page optimization, we were able to increase the number of users on the website, increase the conversion rate and reduce the cost per lead of the Credit Life Insurance.

Results in 12 months:

+ 19,5%

Conversion rate


Cost per conversion

Soares e Mendonça

After the launch of the new website, we have created campaigns to promote various auctions. The client's old website had no conversion and with the first campaign that was online for only 4 days, we were able to generate over 400 leads.

Results in just 4 days:


Qualified leads


Cost per lead

Telemarketing Company

This client has previously done campaign but there were improvements to be made. With the optimization of said campaigns anda landing pages, we were able to reduce the cost per lead in 10€, which was our main goal.

Results in 12 months:


Qualified leads

- 10,30€

Cost per lead

Imagine that you own an online store and want to increase sales with Google Ads

You decided to invest 500€ in 30 days in Google Ads campaigns. With that:

online store
online store

1.700 new people visited the website (at 0,30€ per click);

online store

85 new sales were generated (5 in each 100 users bought from the website);

online store

On average, each user spent 40€ per order;

online store

You charged 3.400€ (with a 30% margin, by investing 500€ on Google Ads you profited 520€ net).

You profited 520€ in just 10 days. What now? Do you maintain or increase the Google Ads budget?

If your ads disappear for a few hours a day because your daily budget ended.

Increase your budget progressively and reach more users that have never seen your ad.

If your campaign doesn't spend the entire daily/monthly budget.

Your target audience is probably a niche or has very specific local characteristics and, in that case, you can even lower your current budget.

Why choose Made2Web as your Google Ads Agency?

If you want to reach a high number of leads at a low cost, we are the ideal Digital Marketing Agency for your company. We have experience and a portfolio of achieved results in all different types of Google Ads campaign for our clients. We are a certified Google Partner Agency and our team has more than 50 Google certifications.

Who is the team that is going to work on your Google Ads campaign?

Margarida Félix

Count on your new Google Ads specialist to:

  • Research keywords and create a campaign structure based on the knowledge from previous campaigns;
  • Analyse the destination of the campaign, whether it is a landing page or a website's page;
  • Map out business goals and KPIs for the campaigns;
  • Create the campaign's structure - ad groups, keywords and ads, based on the optimization of previous campaigns;
  • Configure Digital Marketing tools that allow us to monitor user behaviour on the landing page in real time;
  • Setup and monitor the campaign in order to understand and optimize results.

Fernanda Ferreira

Count on your new Copywriting specialist to:

  • Develop the ideal content for your ads in Google Ads Search or Display, using the best keywords;
  • Create different versions of text ads for your campaign so that we can test which ones can generate the higher number of clicks and conversion rate;
  • Optimize the landing page with content that matches the questions that lead users ti click the ads.

Patrícia Silva

Count on your new Design specialist to:

  • Analyse your old Display ads in case you have previously done this kind of campaign, as well as the ones created by your competitors;
  • Create different static or animated banners, according to the graphic image of your company, to test the performance of your campaign;
  • Develop graphic content for your landing pages and website pages in order to optimize for conversion.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Google Ads service

How does my Google Ads quote request works?

The first step is to request us a quote for your Google Ads campaigns. Next, our commercial team will contact you to know more about the online presence of your company, the goals you want to reach with Google Ads campaigns and the experience you had with previous campaigns.

We will then outline a Google Ads quote and present it to you in person, without commitment.

How is my Google Ads strategy executed?

After the proposal is closed, a campaign plan is drawn up with all the tasks outlines - setup, monitor and optimization. In this stage we are ready to start fighting for your digital goals.

This is where we start to execute the best practices to create an optimised campaign for your goal.

What are you going to implement on my Google Ads plan?

At the campaign setup, we will select the right keywords for your business to generate more qualified traffic to the destination of the campaigns - landing pages or website pages.

After choosing the keywords we will then create the ads to reach your goal - contact requests, quote requests, online purchases, branding, among others.

On the Google platform, after the keywords are added and the ads are created, we will configure other technical parameters that are indispensable for your campaign's success: ad extensions, analytics' goal setting, negative keywords, bidding strategies, languages, schedule, daily budget and remarketing list setup.

When will I start to see results on Google Ads?

Google Ads' benefits is that we can measure the results from the time the campaign is online. Google can take up to 24 hours to approve your ads. As soon as they are approved, the ads are shown and start to receive clicks.

However, critical mass is required for the measurement of deeper results and optimisations. For that, we may need 1 or 2 months or even more, depending on the investment and daily traffic.

How is the evolution of my Google campaigns analysed?

At the end of each month we will present you with a detailed performance report of the optimisations performed by our Digital Marketing team on your campaigns, with comparative results and identified opportunities for growth, at campaign and landing page level.

How do I gain more customers with Google Ads?

Google Ads advertising is becoming more effective:

  • You gain more visibility in less than 24 hours;
  • Your website starts showing up on the first positions of Google search results with Search campaigns;
  • You get more qualified leads to work with;
  • You only pay for the ad if the user clicks on it.

Why should I advertise on Google?

  • 97% of consumers use Google on a daily basis for research and online shopping;
  • 50% of consumers purchase after they search for something online;
  • 27% of consumers search online, validate the product on the physical store and then purchase it online;
  • 25% of consumers buy products or services through advertising on Google. (Source: Google)

At what time of the day should I advertise on Google?

Discover your consumers’ habits and make an informed decision

  • 06h00 - 09h30: They check the news via smartphone, Visit their social networks and click on relevant advertising. If they liked the advertised product/service, they open the website and save it for later.
  • 09h30 - 11h30: They check their emails on desktop, access websites via relevant newsletters received. If they like some product/service, they open the website and leave it open for later or send it to their personal email.
  • 12h00 - 15h00: They browse through social media on their smartphone, click on relevant advertising and, if the advertised product/service, they leave the browser page open for later.
  • 15h00 - 17h30: They use their computer to access emails, browse websites and consult newsletters. If they like any product/service, they open the website and save it for later, or forward it to their personal email.
  • 17h30 - 00h00: They browse through their smartphone/tablet to check their social media updates, emails and the websites they saved all day to shop for their favourite items.

How much should I invest on Google Ads?

There is no default value in what you can invest in Google Ads but there are several relevant criteria.

If you know how to determine your budget, you can assure that Google Ads campaigns will be a lucrative investment. Take into consideration:

  • Quality and structure of the Google Ads campaign;
  • Website technical quality;
  • Competition level in the business area;
  • Cost per client acquisition;
  • Company's expectation for the results to obtain.

Depending on your business area, the monthly value to invest on your Google Ads campaign may be limited. As long as the invested value is generating results, either they are sales or contacts, there is no limit on how much you could invest.

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