Want to know the best campaign to sell online? Welcome to Google™ Shopping!

Discover the importance of having your online store featured on Google™

85 %

Of online searches are product searches

52 %

Growth of Google™ Shopping in just the first quarter of 2016

164 %

Increase in sales through Google™ Shopping ads from smartphones in 2016

171 %

More clicks and orders through Google™ Shopping ads in 2016

((Sources: nchannel, forbes, Business insider, 2016 ))

How can you sell more through Google™ Shopping?

A strategy using online visibility with Google™ Shopping allows you to:

  • Increase the number of clicks on your ads
    Clickthrough Rate (CTR)
  • Reduce the cost per client to a minimum
    Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Rapidly Increase Return on Investment
    Return on Investment (ROI) (ROI)
  • Get TOP visibility on mobile devices
    Featured on Smartphones and Tablets
Online visibility strategy using Google™ Shopping
What is Google™ Shopping and who does it help?

What is

Google™ Shopping?

Watch the video and find out!

What is Google™ Shopping?

Implement a winning strategy for your online store

Google™ Shopping is a tool that allows your online store to advertise your products visually in Google™'s search results.

When a user makes a search for a type of product, brand or model, Google™ Shopping displays a bar with similar products from different websites. This gives users the opportunity to immediately compare different offers.

A winning strategy for your online store

Find out how Google™ Shopping can increase your sales

Revolutionize your online store

Improve your click-through rate (CTR)

Compared to the text ads from Google™ AdWords, Google™ Shopping ads attract much more attention from users, through the use of product images and details. Increase traffic to your website with this new tool and be a digital winner.

Improve Click Rate (CTR)

Increase traffic and lead quality

Increase traffic and lead quality

Users on your website have already evaluated your product, compared prices with your competitors and then decided to use your store.

In other words, they are already highly qualified leads because they know exactly what they're looking for on your website.

Increase sales and conversions

This is the best kind of traffic because it consists of potential customers who are at a more advanced stage in your buying process.

Users who click on your ad, are already in the mood to buy!

Increase sales and conversions

See the results of our campaigns

Check out this Google™ Shopping campaign developed by Made2Web

Barbecue Equipment Store

13.464 Clicks

2,9% Click-through Rate (CTR)

319 Conversions

14,46€ Cost per conversion

Results from a campaign

Feel like you can’t invest anything extra in e-Commerce?

If you need an encouragement, then it’s helpful to remember that your customers...

Build credibility

Love the idea of saving on fuel and transport costs when shopping;

Increases sales

Value silence and privacy when making purchase decisions;

It is multi-device

Increasingly prefer shopping out-of-hours (after 10:00 pm);

Gives immediate results

Appreciate the time saved by using search engines for shopping;

Generate leads

Recognize the benefit of having recommendations for similar products;

Promotes services

Believe in the quality of the product faster when they read actual customer reviews;

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