How to advertise on Youtube and generate leads

Find out how to promote your business on the world's largest video channel


daily users on YouTube, making it the world’s 2nd largest search engine


of users in Portugal.


of users share YouTube videos on other platforms.

Times more

visual attention on YouTube compared to television.

(Sources:, 2015, comScore, Q1, 2015,, 2016.)

Why advertise on Youtube?

Other than statistics, why should you invest in these type of ads?

  • Videos capture much more attention from people than any other type of medium or content (text, image or even a mix of the two).
  • Videos are able to stimulate and excite viewer's emotions, which speeds up the engagement process with your brand.

More than half of all marketing professionals consider video to have the best return on investment compared to any other medium. (Adobe, 2015) (Adobe, 2015)

Why advertise on Youtube?

How do you advertise on YouTube with Google™ AdWords?

Find out the YouTube ad formats that best suit your audience

Display Ad

Display Ad

Appears next to the video you're watching and is only available on computers.

Video Ads

Video Ads

Unlike other formats, this type of ad occupies the entire video space (with some variables).

Overlay Ad

Overlay Ad

A horizontal bar superimposed over the bottom of the video being viewed displays your ad. This format is much more visually appealing than the first.

Sponsored Links

Sponsored Links

Small \"cards\" that appear next to the video and feature relevant content from your video.

NOTE: A video can be published on the Google™ Display network, and Google™ partner websites, where all ad formats can be displayed.


Check out the results of a YouTube campaign developed by Made2Web

Business area: Insurance company

  • Views on Youtube: 18.618
  • View Rate: 25,41%
  • Average Cost per View: 0,01€

Video campaigns are a great way to create brand awareness and bring people to your website with low costs.

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