Increase online sales with a digital marketing audit

Discover the most common reasons why online businesses fail:

93 %

Incompatibility of the website with tablets and smartphones

60 %

The absence of telephone contacts on the website

72 %

Lack of online reviews about the brand

61 %

Poor search engine visibility of the brand

(Sources: BiaKelsey, 2014; comScore, 2015; Search Engine Land, 2013, 1015)

Our digital audit doesn’t work miracles, but it has saved lots of companies!

Our audit helps you figure out if the weak results of your website are due to:

  • Lack of search engine visibility;
  • High digital performance of your competitors;
  • Low technical quality of the website;
  • Poor mobile website experience;
  • Lack of SEO website optimization;
  • Security breaches;
  • Problems with website content;
  • Short visitor trips to your website;
  • Problems with contact forms or checkout processes (online shopping).

As soon as we can identify the elements letting you down, the future of your digital business will change for the better!

Poor results from your website

More than 200 companies agree with us:

Our audit is different

Over the years we've seen impersonal and automatic digital diagnostics conducted without a clear objective specific to the business. If you’re tired of these approaches and want something that actually works... you've come to the right place!

Custom digital audit . Deep and segmented diagnosis . Guidelines for improvements

What should you expect after a digital audit?

After we conduct your digital audit, you can quickly:

Digital Audit for Companies
  • Improve the technical performance of your website;
  • Upgrade all parts of your SEO – Search Engine Optimization - strategy;
  • Bring more people to the website;
  • Enhance the UX on mobile phones and tablets;
  • Enhance content quality to peak visitor interest in your website:
  • Capture more leads and translate them into sales;

What are the main evaluation criteria for a digital marketing audit?

These are the things you can't ignore in a digital audit

1. Security and performance

  • What is the credibility of your website's domain?
  • Did you assess the quality, credibility and security of the server where your website is hosted?
  • Is your website fast and light, or is heavy and takes ages to load?
  • What is the code quality of your website?
  • Getting 404 and/or 500 errors? Can you identify and fix them?
  • Is your sitemap well-made and active?
  • What platform was your website developed on?
  • Did you make the website from scratch or use a ready-made template?
Digital Audit for Companies

2. Indexability

Digital Audit for Companies
  • Do you know the main keywords of your business?
  • Has your website been developed to be easily indexed by search engines?
  • What SEO optimizations and methodologies have you been using to enhance the visibility of your website for your main keywords?
  • What's your website's current search engine rank compared to your competition?
  • Is Google™ showing relevant info about your website in their search results?

3. Onsite Content

  • Are you satisfied with the contents of your website? Do you do benchmarking?
  • Do you think your website is clear and appealing to your audience?
  • Is your content unique? Does it add value? Will it get the user’s attention?
  • Is the content of your website coordinated with the keywords of your business?
  • How often do you produce new content?
  • On average, how much time do users spend on each page of your website?
  • On average how many pages of your website get visitors?
Digital Audit for Companies

4. Links/link Building

Digital Audit for Companies
  • How many internal links does each page have? Do you know the optimum amount?
  • Do you know if your visitors use the internal links?
  • How many links do get from other websites? Do you know who exactly is linking to you?
  • Do you know how many broken links you have, and where they are?
  • Are you linking to all your external digital platforms?
  • How many people leave through links on your website, and then never come back?
  • How are the links of your website created?

5. Mobile/responsive devices

  • How does your website perform on mobile devices?
  • Is the content of your website readable on tablets or smartphones?
  • Did you ever test the performance and consistency of your graphics in sub-1024 resolutions?
  • How many seconds does it take for your website to load on a smartphone?
  • How many seconds does your target audience spend on your website when using a mobile device?
ADigital Audit for Companies
Poor results from your website

You can choose to audit for a specific item on the list, or a get thorough analysis of your website according to all 5 items listed here.

This digital audit will change your business' next steps. Discover what has to be done to optimize the visibility of your website so you can focus on making more contacts and getting more online sales.

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