Implement a digital marketing plan to generate more leads

You probably already know that digital marketing is essential, but did you know that:

83 %

Of Portuguese people access the internet for personal use.

24 %

Of Portuguese people use the internet to seek for advice.

42 %

Of Portuguese people find solutions from local searches.

52 %

Of Portuguese people compare different solutions before buying online.

38 %

Of Portuguese people watch and share videos online every day.

21 %

Of Portuguese people buy products through online ads.

(Source: Google™, 2016)

These 6 statistics tell you that digital marketing should cover multiple areas.

But how do you choose and plan for these areas successfully and on-time while still getting a positive ROI?

That's where Made2Web comes in:

  • We conduct a complete diagnostic of your digital presence against your competition
  • We study the behaviors, likes and trends of your target audience;
  • We design a digital marketing plan based on the activities which have been delivering the best results in your industry.
Plan these actions successfully

Which activities should you include in your digital marketing strategy?

Remember the statistics you read earlier? They give you some clues on where to start. Take a look:

Copywriting – Blog

Your website should have an area where you can address the needs and questions of your visitors.

It should act as an opinion leader in your industry. Remember... your reader is curious and wants to see credibility in your website.

Social Proof – Testimonials

Your website must show that your services and products are worth double their prices.

You need to show the reader that you have lots of customers who speak highly of you and are happy to give you testimonials.

Interactivity – Videos

Your website should have an area where you can address the needs and questions of your visitors.

Your users watch videos every day and will remember your brand better if they see new videos every week.

Visibility – Advertising

Your brand isn't yet well-known in the market? Don't worry, that's what advertising is for.

Google™ Search and Display ads generate leads every day. Could your website benefit from this visibility?

What can you expect from your digital marketing plan?

After designing the plan we will support you in the implementation. And so you can easily:

1. Reach the top of Google

Surpass your competition on search engines, social networks and digital media.

2. Attract your consumers

Be present on the platforms that your potential customers use the most, on the days and hours with greater interactivity.

3. Communicate effectively

Communicate your most effective solutions to meet the real needs of your customers.

4. Increase lead conversion rates

Acquire qualified leads who are ready to be contacted or purchase.

5. Make you current customers loyal to you

Capture the interest and attention of your customers with customized posts on the platforms that they actually use.

6. Create brand ambassadors

Develop client cultivation actions, in order to generate positive public reviews about your brand.

Get support implementing your plan

Let's take a look at our methodology

See how we future-proof your digital marketing strategy

1.We define your personas

Who are your current customers? Are they who you wanted or even expected? We profile your target customer according to demographic, economic and financial data along with their consumption and leisure habits too. Segment your digital marketing and sell more.

2.We outline your goals

How much do you want to earn over the next 12 months? How many new customers do you want in the next fiscal year? How many services/products on average do you want to sell to each client? What is your desired ROI? Follow our SMART goals.

3.We identify the necessary tools

Do social networks or organic search engine results make more sense for your digital marketing? Should you pay for Google™ AdWords? How about email marketing? Discover your best digital channels.

4.We audit your digital presence

How happy are you with your website? Does it work on smartphones? Do visitors like your content? What is your search engine ranking? Bring your website to the doctor.

5.We audit your competition

Who are your digital competitors? What are their websites like and what makes them special? What are their weaknesses? And their strengths? Who do they target? Spy on your competition and youre going to learn a lot!

6.We create custom messages

Do you have trouble converting prospects into customers? Do you already have some new customers but can't evolve them? Are you communicating with each customer in a personalized and automated way? It’s challenging... but it works!

Our clients are our ambassadors

Choose to work with us and one day your company will be here too

"Hello, my name is Rosália and I am the manager of Clínica Liberty Portugal. Similar to our success in Spain through digital communication, we looked for an agency in Portugal that could place us in front of our target customer through different online (...)"

Rosália Pedrosa

Clínicas Liberty Portugal

"Made2Web is a partner in whom we trust, for the quality of digital and Inbound Marketing solutions provided." (...)"

Luís Perdigão

Real Vida Seguros

"The relationship that ECODEAL has with Made2Web is based on cooperation, availability, initiative and professionalism. Congratulations to the Made2Web team for being dynamic, proactive and always focused on the client. Thank you." (...)"

Teresa Neves


"Everything seems to be going well! We already had notable increases in requests for information and some appointments through the website. Thank you." (...)"


Clínica do Ossos

"At Hidroreport we know the relevande of being on the 1st page of Google. With only one month of an SEO program we are on the first 3 Google search results for 10 keywords related to our business. This means an increase of visits from 2785 to 3756, or 35%. It (...)"

Ruy Vieira


"Faccia clinic is a vanguard plastic surgery clinic and, as such, resorts to innovative digital marketing strategies. We know that nowadays about 70% of pacients search online before contacting us, so it is mandatory to be in the first spots of Google search (...)"

Dr. Miguel Andrade

Clínica Faccia

"I have no doubt that you are to be congratulated, since we have always recognized your potential. Rui, Rute, Ricardo, Filipe, Paulo, André, Ana, etc… you are the "Wonder Team". We are also pleased with the results achieved, due to your work." (...)"

Miguel Matias

"We are pleased with the work that Made2Web provided for us in 2008/09 both in terms of the artistic design and content, as well as technical support. Our websites: ITS, SIMAC and Osteopathy in Portugal have received a high level of publicity in regards to (...)"

Dr. Borges de Sousa

Instituto de Técnicas de Saúde

"As a dentist that is very fond of new technologies, I soon wanted a website for my dental clinics that answered all my client's questions and contributed to closed doctor-pacient relationship. Made2Web was the perfect choice to develop this mega-website and (...)"

Dr. Thomas Schreiner

Clínica Schreiner

"Be-Slim is an innovative 100% online Slimming Clinic, which has allowed hundreds of people to lose weight and gain self-esteem. We are proud to share this victory with Made2Web, without whom this innovative idea could not have been fulfilled. My thank you to (...)"

Isabel Mendonça


"We are very happy to work with Made2Web, who developed several projects simultaneously with the goal to increase our web visibility. Made2web developed a web marketing strategy using SEO techniques in order to leverage the content of websites and business (...)"

Luís Lousa

Digital Repair

"If you want quality at a good price, you should hire this company. My patient list (sales) increased drastically after working with Made2Web. Invest in their service and see the success! Advice: don't go for that cheap inexpensive option (usually a friend (...)"

Jody Jakob

"I looked for ways to expose my company online for quite some time. Asked for many different proposals that didn't meet my goals. When I finally found Made2Web, I gained the courage I needed to take my own business seriously. What can I say? Made2Web isn't (...)"

Daniel Roda

Underdog Surf House

"I'm very happy and excited to work with your company! We will continue work to plant great results. I wish you all the best." (...)"

Patrícia Nogueira

Gabinete de Saúde

"When Made2Web sugested an SEO strategy to improve the visibility of our website, I accepted it, without understanding exactly what it was, because I trust them. The truth is that in 5 months Made2Web’s digital strategy had increased the visibility of my (...)"

Dra. Ivone Mirpuri

Clínica Anti-Aging

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