Email Marketing contributes daily to increase company's sales

This is one of the most common digital strategies used to acquire and maintain customers. Find out why:

3800 %

Is the return on investment (ROI) of a good email marketing campaign.

61 %

Of consumers value personalized promotional emails.

75 %

Of the success of email marketing comes from personalized campaigns.

39 %

Of companies already use personalized emails.

Email marketing leads to more conversions than any other digital channel, including search engines like Google™ and social networks like Facebook ™ .

(Sources: Campaignmonitor, 2016; Capterra, 2016)

I Want to Sell more with Email Marketing

Did you know that 50% of people with a buying intention, dont follow through due to lack of confidence? Email communications allows you to nurture and influence these people so that they come back more informed and confident to purchase!

Now that you know the major email marketing statistics and understand the importance of this strategy, what are you waiting for? Harness the power of email for your company and sell! Sell a lot!

Discover the benefits of email marketing, one by one.

The 8 advantages SMEs can enjoy


Build credibility

People buy from companies they know, like and trust. Email develops brand credibility directly with your target market, by sharing valuable, personalized and relevant information.


Increases sales

In weak sales periods, a good email changes everything. It immediately grabs the attention of potential customers to something they need there and then.


Multi-device technology

About 2/3 of emails are viewed on mobile devices, making e-mail an increasingly popular tool for mobile technology.


Show your professionalism!

If your e-mail marketing campaign is designed with attractive images and engaging content, this professionalism will become associated with your brand in the minds of your target audience.


Gives immediate results

When a sale stands out, email marketing is crucial for getting that immediate feedback and securing the social proof.


Generate leads

A good email strategy values prospects who haven't felt quite ready enough to buy your product. By keeping them informed, you are preparing them to buy from you when the time is right.


Promotes services

With emails and newsletters, you can communicate directly with current or potential clients to present your services and products.


Attracts new customers

E-mail is a fantastic channel to present the benefits of your products or services and turn the readers into new customers.

The 5 commandments of generating sales with Email Marketing!

The sales formula is a mix of creating credibility and desire

72% of people using email prefer to receive their promotional content this way, so the odds are stacked in your favor. Follow these 5 steps:


To thank

As soon as a user downloads an eBook or subscribes to a campaign, send an automatic email to thank them for it.


Next steps

After 24-72 hours send a follow up email with instructions on what they can do next.


Social Proof

Between 24 to 48 hours after subscribing, send another email demonstrating how your current clients enjoy and use your offer.


Special offer

7 days have passed and now is the time to encourage the prospect to buy. Use urgency, scarcity and references to the behavior of others to force them to act.


Relevant Content

Finally give them more valuable content to help them solve their problem. Keep it informative instead of pushy.

5 commandments of a campaign

More email marketing campaigns? Analyze, optimize and re-implement

A successful email marketing campaign should be highly repeatable

Success of an email marketing campaign

Any email campaign you use can be studied to learn more about customer behaviors and preferences. Use that knowledge to inspire your next campaign and replicate the success.

Some of the metrics that you must really keep in mind:

  • Email open rates – Ideally this should be between 30 to 35%;
  • Site visits from email rates – This should be targeted at 5%;
  • Subscription cancellation rates – It is common to see between 0.1% to 0.4% of users cancel their subscription with each email;
  • Undelivered emails – Try not to go above 1.2%;

(Sources: Hubspot™, 2016 and MailChimp™, 2016)

An email marketing success story from Made2Web

Check out the results of one of our email marketing clients

Results from a campaign

Medical and Aesthetic Clinic


Budget invested in the campaign


Value of sales generated via e-mail campaign

1350 Email openings by users

110 Leads coming from email

15 New customers coming from email

230 Average purchase value per customer

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