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We develop powerful SEO strategies to generate more qualified visits to your website and increase your online sales.

What can you expect from our SEO Agency?

Integrated strategies

SEO is the base of our analysis, strategy, content, design and programming. With a great SEO strategy, you will improve your organic position on search engines and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Best practice updates

Google's algorithm is always changing, but we are always updated on the new features. Count on recurring SEO analysis and up-to-date strategies for your website to comply with the best practices.

Transparent results

Our reports present the real numbers, with nothing to hide. We use the best tools to analyse and monitor the right metrics and dimensions to share with you 100% facts and 0% opinions.

Brands that are already in Google's first organic results

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Results from our SEO strategies

"Made2Web presented us with a different proposal and a strong result orientation. For us, that was very important."

Rosália Pedrosa, Clínica Liberty

Results in 12 months:


Increase in organic traffic

+ 100

New customers

"Congratulations to the Made2Web team for being so dynamic and proactive, always focused on the customer. Thank you"

Teresa Neves, ECODEAL

Results in 12 months:


Keywords on Google TOP 3


Organic Traffic

"Wonderful team! We are very pleased with the achieved results of your work."

Miguel Matias, Misterius

Results in 12 months:


Organic Traffic


Sales and Clients

How do we create the best SEO strategies?

Step 1: SEO strategy and plan

According to your goal to gain visitors, contacts or sales, timing and budget, we will define the best SEO strategy for your website. At this moment, we will put into practice an SEO plan that will optimise the quality of your pages and increase your positioning on search engines.

Step 2: Keyword study

It is crucial to do a correct analysis of the search terms used by your potential customers to find your products and services online. This way we can optimise the right keywords and guarantee that Google's traffic is gaining more relevance for your business.

Step 3: SEO On-Site and Off-Site optimisation

Our Digital Marketing team will execute SEO best practices to meet the Google algorithm standards. The goal is to optimise internal and external factors that have influence on the organic positioning of your web pages.

Step 4: Create Content for SEO

An SEO Content plan is fundamental to work on your keywords and increase the website's overall visibility. In this step, we will develop a Content Marketing strategy that focuses on attributing more value to your pages and increasing the online authority of your brand.

Step 5: User behaviour analysis

Deep down, what really matters is the user's experience on the website - this is one of the most important criteria for good placement on Google. That's why all of our SEO strategies include a strong component of user behaviour and website navigation study. We explore our findings and also suggest optimisations to further improve results.

Why choose Made2Web as your SEO Agency?

If you want to get the best organic position on Google, we are the ideal Digital Marketing Agency for your company. We have experience and success stories from or over 250 SEO clients.

Who is the team that is going to work on your SEO strategy?

Filipe Pequito

Count on your new SEO Analytics specialist to:

  • Perform a Digital Marketing critical analysis of your company's website, identifying business goals and KPIs to reach with SEO;
  • Setup measurement tools on your website to guarantee that you are measuring all relevant conversion moments in the Buyer's Journey;
  • Optimize the technical aspects of your website's SEO so that it can rise on Google's organic search results;
  • Configure multiple Digital Marketing monitoring tools that allow the analysis of user behaviour in real time;
  • Design monitoring dashboards that promote the understanding and optimization of your website's SEO results;
  • Identify the most relevant keywords for your business, according to the profiles of your buyer personas, comparing the website's position on Google to the competitors for those same keywords.

Fernanda Ferreira

Count on your new Copywriting specialist to:

  • Evaluate the current contents of your website and all digital channels where your company communicates, rating its suitability according to the keywords identified, as well as the stages of the Buyer's Journey (awareness, consideration and decision);
  • Benchmarking and comparing your company's digital content with its competitors, identifying untapped digital communication opportunities and subsequent business objectives associated with specific Content Marketing KPIs;
  • Develop SEO friendly content in different formats such as articles, images, infographics, videos, testimonials, FAQs, among others, that stimulate the user's permanence on your website and increases the organic visibility of your pages on Google;
  • Optimise meta titles and descriptions, as well as content and business data on Google My Business, as a way to reinforce the local SEO of your website's pages, increasing the visibility on georeferenced Google searches.

Patrícia Silva

Count on your new UX/UI Design specialist to:

  • Review with the SEO Analytics specialist the current exit points of the website and identify design needs to reduce abandonment rate, increase website navigability and foster user progression on the conversion funnel;
  • Evaluate the conversion potential of the current digital contents of your company compared to the competitors, based on Digital Marketing best practices;
  • Design with the Content Marketing specialist all the solutions to increase navigability and conversion within the website, such as exit pop ups, chatbots, calls-to-action, lead capture forms, among others.

Miguel Teixeira

Count on your new Programming specialist to:

  • Conduct a technical audit of the performance of your website (namely the website loading speed, server responses, cache storage and mobile responsiveness);
  • Solve all errors and technical problems uncovered in the analysis, such as database cleaning, solving 404 errors, creating and optimising sitemaps, image size reduction, server performance verification, SSL certificate installation, review of security parameters like firewalls, among other elements that, when corrected, ensure a technically optimised website;
  • Insert in the website previously optimised content, such as headings and meta tags, setup according to SEO best practices;
  • Program all necessary adjustments needed to the correct functioning of the website in different devices and browsers.

If your company has done Google Ads campaigns in the past, it may also make sense to evaluate the negative and positive impact of such campaigns on your website's organic positioning on Google. We will analyse metrics like the amount of traffic generated through paid channels, average time users spend on the website, conversion and abandonment rates. These and other metrics should be analysed by the Paid Media team at Made2Web and can be very useful to the remaining Digital Marketing team involved with your SEO project.

Success stories from our SEO Agency

Cirurgia Vascular

Aesthetic and health clinic

In just 2 years the website went from 0 to 203,000 visitors, all highly segmented according to the target audience profile.


Integrated management of hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste

In less than 12 months weve put 50 keywords on the first page of Google and this continues to rise.


Company specialized in Integrated management solutions

In 2 years, this company went from receiving 72 qualified contacts through their website to 305.


Online shop of party and magic supplies

The online shop went from having 581 sales in 2013 to 10,176 in 2017.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

How does my SEO quote request work?

How is my SEO strategy executed?

What are you going to implement on my SEO plan?

When will I start to see SEO results?

How is my SEO result evolution analysed?

How does my SEO quote request work?

The first step is to ask us for an SEO quote.

Afterwards, our sales team will contact you to know more about your company's online presence, the goals you aim to achieve with an SEO strategy and some questions about the attained results in previously implemented digital strategies.

Lastly, Made2Web will create an SEO proposal and present it face-to-face, with no commitment.

How is my SEO strategy executed?

After the proposal is closed, a monthly SEO plan is drawn up with all the tasks outlined. At this stage we are ready to start fighting for your digital goals!

This is where we implement all the optimisation best practices and start producing great SEO content.

What are you going to implement on my SEO plan?

Our SEO plan will be divided in two main strategies: SEO On-Site and SEO Off-Site.

SEO On-site is related to a set of optimisations carried out at a technical level on the website. This is the first step to a quick and correct indexing on Google, requiring at least a basic knowledge of programming. We will cover topics such as: metas, headings, robots.txt, sitemap.xml, content, schemas, page speed, among others.

SEO Off-Site is the optimisation of external aspects used to promote your website online. Creating articles that work on specific keywords, link building or even social media are tools that we use to attract the attention of users and that influence the positioning of your website in search engines.

After all the SEO optimisations, we will provide you with a checklist with all the implementations.

When will I start to see SEO results?

To increase the online visibility of your website, the most effective solution is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), no doubt.

The sequence is quite logical: if you want to increase your page's positioning you will have to increase the traffic on the website; you will then have to provide them with a good experience so that Google attributes a good score to your page; if your ranking improves you will start surpassing your competitors.

However, this process may extend over time, depending on the active competition for the area. If you want short-term results you should consider adding other services to your Digital Marketing plan, such as SEA (Search Engine Advertising).

How is my SEO result evolution analysed?

At the end of each month we will present you with a report that explores the executed SEO tasks by our Digital Marketing team, with compared results of evolution and new optimisation suggestions.

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